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About Us

Angie Gad, founder and chief instructor, has an expansive career spanning well over a decade, touching various sectors in the intelligence space, including government, the private sector, start-ups, tech companies, and academia.


After years of working at various intelligence shops, Angie identified a gap: the lack of structured on-the-job training. Many organizations, constrained by time, resources, or capabilities, deprioritized training, expecting analysts to navigate the learning curve independently. In many of her previous roles, Angie stepped in to bridge this gap by empowering her peers and colleagues with the skills required to succeed as analysts.

Angie is renowned for her innovative approach to training, creating dynamic, interactive sessions that are tailored to diverse teams ranging in size and expertise. She has committed herself to the education and professional development of university students and aspiring analysts for successful careers in intelligence. Angie has taught at several universities, including Campbell and Rutgers, and now teaches graduate intelligence courses at NYU.


At GadIntel, Angie's commitment extends beyond mere training; it's about crafting a foundation for the next generation of intelligence professionals, ensuring they are not just prepared but primed for success.

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