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Structured Analytic Techniques




2-3 weeks


About the Course

Our Structured Analytic Techniques (SATs) training is our most engaging and popular offering. This dynamic and interactive multi-day training uses SATs to equip analysts with the skills to generate hypotheses and avoid or eliminate bias in their analysis, among other things. During the training, analysts, under the instructor's guidance, will view a TV show as a case study. Working collaboratively, they will undertake a series of analytical exercises, including structured brainstorming, appropriate hypothesis generation, and testing techniques, and evaluating information with uncertain reliability and credibility. Additionally, they will learn to predict likely courses of action and identify intelligence gaps.

This training has garnered extensive acclaim for its success and popularity, resonating strongly with college students and field analysts. It's celebrated for its practical approach and the tangible skills it imparts, making it a cornerstone of our educational offerings.

Your Instructor

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