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Intelligence Training

Highly engaging and practical training, 
tailored to your organizational needs  

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What We Do

GadIntel is a boutique intelligence training company. We work with you to understand your unique needs and challenges and deliver tailored training that aligns with your strategic goals and objectives.


Organizations rely on their intelligence and security teams to provide accurate, insightful, relevant, and timely analysis so that leaders can prepare for risks and make informed decisions. Yet, training new analysts can be time and resource-consuming. GadIntel will ensure your team is adequately upskilled so your current operations don’t have to slow down.

Our training empowers analysts across various sectors who are central to their organizations' intelligence and security functions. Our innovative and interactive approach blends theoretical knowledge with practical, applicable skills that enhance analysts' effectiveness and adaptability in an ever-evolving intelligence landscape.

Popular Trainings

Structured Analytic Techniques

 Employs SATs to train analysts on generating and testing hypotheses and reducing or eliminating bias—our most engaging and popular offering.

Analytical Writing

Focuses on honing an essential skill in intelligence analysis: effective writing. 


Prepares analysts to master a critical skill. While public speaking is daunting and anxiety-inducing, we’ll set you up for success. 

Angie has more than a decade’s experience delivering high quality analysis to senior decision makers in high pressure situations - her skills and lessons would be invaluable for any team to learn.

Dean B., Director of Intelligence 

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